1.0.35 website update

An update has been pushed out to

This is a very minor update that mainly focuses on server-side adjustments to the caching system to improve response time and ensures users are not waiting too long for a response.

An overhaul is still planned and I should have more details about that shortly.

This update:

  • Made some adjustments to the server side database to make sure all pages are responsive and served as quickly as possible. Rocket Loader can only do so much, but we need to get the content to it as quickly as possible.
  • Adjusted caching policies to make sure CloudFlare is served cached data whenever possible to ensure the quickest response time; however, we’ve adjusted cache time-to-live to make sure users are getting the latest data.
  • Client side: CSS improvements for older browsers
  • Client side: CSS improvements for older mobile devices (mainly performance)
  • Client side: Some pages were displaying an error for some images. This has been corrected with some JavaScript checks.