ActorAgeCheck 1.0.40 website update recently went down for maintenance on January 28th 2021. This was to address some backend issues that were resulting cache data not being cleared from the server as frequently as it should be.

This issue didn’t have any user facing impact, but the backend was not working as intended.

Maintenance completed after a couple of hours and I continue to work on backend changes; however, I am confident that I can complete these changes without taking the site down for maintenance and without any major user impact.

This update also:

  • Adds support for movie titles with a question mark in their title. In some cases, this would result in a 404 error due to part of the movie title being interpreted as a query string
  • Improves recently searched list links and self corrects any titles with unapproved special characters
  • Prevents failed responses from being cached

I will be performing these changes and optimizations over the next few days. During this time, the website may be slightly slower than normal. I do not expect any downtime or other issues during this work.

Thanks for your support!