Speech Jammer 5.1.2 Released

Speech Jammer 5.1.2 has been reviewed and approved by Apple and is now available on the iOS App Store.

This update adds the ability to export individual recordings off-line for sharing without uploading to the Speech Jammer Sharing Service. This was a big step for added privacy for users. Details are available below. This update also includes enhancements for the latest versions of iOS.

This update adds new enhancements and features:

  • Ability to export single recordings without uploading to the Speech Jammer Sharing Service
    • Speech Jammer has long offered the ability to share recordings by uploading your recording (encrypted during transit) to the Speech Jammer Sharing Service, which would store your recording and make it available via a generated link. This gave enhanced compatibility by making sure the recording is shared as a standards-based MP3 file and always accessible through a highly-available service.

      With this addition, users can now choose to share an individual recording without uploading it to the Speech Jammer Sharing Service. This adds an additional element of privacy for users and allows them to instantly share an Apple-codec based recording file through iMessage or any other sharing service of their choice. This will not upload any file to our servers, and will not generate any link. You can share the actual recording file.

      The Speech Jammer Sharing Service remains available as an option and the choice to share offline or through the server is up to the user.
  • Enhancements for the latest versions of iOS
  • Performance enhancements